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Computer Virus Catalog curated by Bas Van De Poel (2014–). Artist interpretations of the greatest viruses from computer history.

Prodigy: Login Screen Prodigy: Weather Map with “Promotional Choices” (advertising) Prodigy: Mad Maze. Playable online (with Internet Explorer):

Where Online Services Go When They Die: Rebuilding Prodigy, one screen at a time. A brilliant, small effort to reconstruct and revisit a place that many of us knew—a place where, as a first-time user, watching the graphics load up felt as though you’d dialed the future with your modem.

As we invest more of our lives into the electronic realm, corporate decisions to shut down online services without recourse are beginning to resemble digital acts of Nero burning Rome—cultural history and entire communities are trashed in the process.

Source: The Atlantic

These AMIGA ACID MIXTAPES will warp your floppies and your mind. They are created using two Amigas, a mixer, and nothing else. Pure, authentic, and timeless computer music created with 2MB of RAM.

Download: Vol. 1 / Vol. 2

Source: Bandcamp

“The tools no longer need to be modal; they can be used in a very natural modeless manner. Pens, brushes and erasers are distributed all over the workspace.” “The user experience is really like coming into a room with a special suited environment for one specific task.” “The Spheroid Designer may seem to resemble glass balls dropped into mud, but actually it’s meant to be glass balls embedded in an ‘old stale brownie.’”

A truly different and wild time: the Interface of Kai Krause’s Software.

Always remember to set a custom logout message on your terminal.