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The screen is a window through which one sees a virtual world. The challenge is to make that world look real, act real, sound real, feel real.

BBS Ads Collection v1.0 by Dipswitch/DCS^BM: An ad collection containing over 1,500 ads from various platforms and scenes.

As participants adjust to the prevailing conditions of anonymity and to the potentially disconcerting experience of being reduced to a detached voice floating in an amorphous electronic void, they become adept as well at reconstituting the faceless words around them into bodies, histories, lives […] and the boundaries distinguishing “real” from “virtual” begin to fade.
David Porter, Internet Culture (1997)
CD Player (1991 / Sega / Mega-CD) Memory Card Manager (1994 / Sony / Playstation 1) CD Player (1995 / Fujitsu / FM Towns Marty)

Physical media interfaces for game consoles (1991–95).  View more in this changelog for XE (Multi System Emulator) →

Average Historic Price of RAM 1957–2013.

▱ RAM in 1952: $411,041,792/mb
▱ RAM in 2013: $0.0054/mb