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Greg J. Smith interviewed us for CAN recently.  He fired away with some truly great questions.  I fired back with as much insight into our project and processes as I possibly could—

Z/Z/Z/ is a project hatched by Daniel Rehn and Sarah Caluag dedicated to “describing the dimension of cultural artifacts that are difficult to explain using natural language”. This endeavor deploys a custom visualization workflow to break down footage from film, animation and games and reconstitute this source material into stills and animated GIFs using a range of image analysis techniques. This playful and technically-minded approach to remixing media has yielded an ever-growing database of case studies which includes many important precedents (John Whitney’s “Catalog”, Stanley Kubrick’s “2001, A Spacey Odyssey”, “Astroids” etc.). Daniel and Sarah recently chatted with CAN about their work and they’ve provided us with the following overview of their research.

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