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Bill Atkinson—creator of MacPaint—painted in MacPaint (by Jim DeVona, 2010) Bill in the early days, at a department store Bill and the Mac Design Team in Rolling Stone [From left to right, it's George Crow, Joanna Hoffman, Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson and Jerry Mannock] Bill's “hyper” (business) card

“The source code for MacPaint and the Apple QuickDraw graphics library is now available, as is their story, at the Computer History Museum. To celebrate this news, and to illustrate that great tools retain their utility even as they age, I used MacPaint to paint a portrait of MacPaint programmer Bill Atkinson.” Jim DeVona (2010.07)

Learn more and download the source code at the Computer History Museum website.

It’s worth noting that Bill also is responsible for: “marching ants,” the menu bar, the selection lasso, HyperCard, and Atkinson dithering (aka that MacOS Classic look) [!].  He now works as a nature photographer.

Source: Flickr / anoved

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