Micromouse Logic Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories (1977–79) “Moonlight Special” (middle)  × “Moonlight Flash” (middle) × “Midnight Express” (bottom right) — all in ‘full dress’ Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories team (1977–79) Alan Dibley demonstrating his micromouse to TV's Johnny Ball on “Think a Number” (1983) “Moonlight Special” (1977-79) Computer Maze Solver by Johan de Boer (1970–73)

Micromouse is a competition where small robot mice solve a 16×16 maze—it has been running annually since 1977 (though may have started much earlier in the 1950s).

An ancient Tripod site includes source code from the winners of the competition in 1981, 1982, 1986, and many more in both BASIC and Turbo Pascal syntax.  The Turbo Pascal code provides turtle graphics that can control a line-drawing robot!

As a bonus, here’s the schematics (hand-drawn on computer paper) from Johan de Boer’s 1970–73 maze-solving computer.